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GeoThermal Loop Systems LLC

Specializing In:
Installing & Servicing


Pond Loop Systems

For anyone who has easy access to a suitable body of water, a pond loop heating system should be less expensive to install and to run than a typical geothermal system.


Horizontal Systems

An ideal property for horizontal ground loops will have at least 1/4 to 1/2 area of land available.  The loop is installed over a wide area of ground and requires enough space to dig trenches several hundred feet long and 5-10 feet deep.


Vertical Systems

Vertical loops allow for the largest loop on the smallest area.  Vertical loops require less piping than horizontal because the Earth's ambient temperature is more

stable farther below the surface. 

An average home can be accommodated by a vertical

loop occupying a space as small

as 20'x20'.


For a green tomorrow, use renewable resources today!

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